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The Southern Oregon Terrier Association makes every effort to insure that the breeders listed herein are reputable individuals, who endeavor to produce puppies of good quality and health.


However,The Southern Oregon Terrier Association, can not, and does not, endorse any particular breeder. As an all terrier club, we have many members over a large area, and cannot be held responsible for any purchase agreement, guarantee, or understanding between breeders and buyers.


Buyers are encouraged to check references, visit potential breeders, ask for references from other buyers, ask questions and be sure they understand the sale contract, before buying a puppy.


In addition, there are different inherent health issues with every breed. The prospective buyer should ask about these issues and request proof of any testing/exams done by the breeder on the breeding stock.


Complaints regarding a breeder(s) on the list should be submitted in writing, to the Corresponding Secretary. SOTA is very much interested in your input, both positive and negative. SOTA will remove any breeders from the list if cause exists.

Breeder Referral Contact

Rhonda Smith

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