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What is Preservation Breeding?

Preservation breeding is preserving something that has a history and a purpose. People have cherished, cared, protected, and were guardians of these breeds for decades.

Each breed brings its own unique individuality. And every breed serves a specific purpose like being a herding dog or hound.

That purpose has morphed over time, to the point that many breeds are now companion animals. However, they still have the predisposition to behave a certain way and to do certain jobs.


The science behind preservation breeding

Preservation breeder dogs, particularly those bred by the Breeders of Merit in the American Kennel Club, are the healthiest canine colony known to exist in the world.

Preservation breeders are the only ones doing testing. They can identify how dogs are unhealthy or healthy. We’re breeding, in selecting dogs, to make them healthier. Weaving these pedigrees together. We’re preserving these dogs in the best possible form that we can bring to families.

Because the most important part of a preservation breeder’s life is to produce a healthy and happy family of dogs.

These dogs will go to families and live long happy lives with the least amount of health anomalies.

The goal of a preservation breeder is not only to preserve everything for future generations but also to identify those breeds that could be lost and not be around in another decade.

There’s a difference in somebody who’s passionate about preserving the breed that they borrowed from the generation before and that they’re going to mentor the next generation versus somebody that’s just throwing dogs together randomly.


The impact of preservation breeding within the community

National parent clubs have rescue organizations for each and every breed. So even those dogs that fall through the cracks, possibly, are rescued through these organizations.

Also, preservation breeders are representing these rescue groups who are rescuing a lot of dogs from irresponsible breeders.

Further, as preservation breeders, we mentor and teach people. We help people make their lives better through training.

At the end of the day, we created this family of dogs that goes out and lives with a variety of people and families. The photographs, postcards, and stories we receive give us great satisfaction.

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